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​​​​I use the person-centred method of counselling, and combine it with aspects of cognitive behavioural counselling for a well-rounded treatment approach. 

I am an associate practitioner and and international practitioner registered with the Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches.  A particular interest of mine is PTSD, and I want to do more work with ex-military people.

I have qualifications in treating PTSD, eating disorders, cognitive counselling, and childhood sexual abuse. I have experience with depression, anger, stress, trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse, childhood sexual abuse, couples counselling, and relationship counselling. I offer specialised counselling for men’s issues, as I have a keen insight into the male experience. I can also offer gender counselling, including gender identity, body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria. My supervisor is a clinical psychotherapist, and I am properly insured.

I have been involved in research with AVA and the NHS regarding PTSD and domestic violence, and have also been involved in training mental health professionals on those topics.  I sat the steering group that helped to guide changes to the NICE guidelines, as well as guiding the training modules that NHS staff members would be given online.

All of us need mental health care at some point in our lives, just as we all need to visit our health practitioner to maintain good physical health.  We continue throughout our lives to come up against new experiences that we don’t always have the tools to cope with well, and counselling helps us to gain those tools.  Counselling can make us more resilient and better able to weather the challenges in life.  My goal in practice is to make therapy available to everyone by making it as affordable as possible.

I’m in a very convenient location, being close to the Hove train station. I also offer online counselling. I have several different options available for online counselling so that clients can choose what they are most comfortable with.  I’m permanently in a wheelchair, and accessibility (as any wheelchair user knows) can very often be a problem.  So, I practice out of my home office, which is accessible to wheelchair users throughout.  This not only makes it possible for me to work, it makes my practice accessible to everyone.  I have PayPal so that payment is easy, even for online clients. I’m insured to practice around the world, or in my home office. In every possible way, I’ve made the convenience, comfort, and protection of the client paramount to the way I conduct my practice.

Recent Testimonials:

  • I feel Sarah good at her job because she really cares plus she puts in more hours than needed and because she knows what stage of progress you're at even if you know in your mind but don't say Sarah knows this what makes her good.

    L.M. - June 2017
  • Very kind and understanding

    S.A. - June 2017
  • I believe Ms. Brown is a very kind, caring and genuine person, and holds a great passion for what she does.  I am very happy with how my treatment is going and simply cannot find fault.  I feel cared for and already in the few months she has gone above and beyond.

    V.E. - June 2017
  • ​I've been working with Sarah for over a year, in that time she has helped me conquer my depression and root out the source of my issues. She has listened and helped me to analyse my feelings so that I now find myself stronger and more able to cope than ever before. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is looking for help! She will be your guide through your dark forest of problems.

    ​Davita Egeland 12 April 2016
  • Sarah Brown is a well educated and also gifted counselor with a great respect for individuals and their needs. But she is also capable of helping her clients to rethink when needed, and to look behind the obvious in order to make personal progress. I give her my best recommendation.

    Elisabeth Gustaffson 11 May 2016
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